Problems People Encounter Whilst Renovating a Bathroom!!

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Many people sigh in horror when we use the words, ‘renovation’.  It can be a time consuming huge task if not planned in advance and many people put this on the back-burner. We ar writing this article to focus on the top five problems whilst undergoing a bathroom renovation and the ways in which you can deal with them effectively. We believe a bathroom renovation should be a fun  exciting time.Bathroom renovation

1. Storage

Thinking about storage whist designing your bathroom will result in plenty of space for all your products, towels etc, resulting in a luxury well worked happy bathroom. Space saving drawers offer a useful, stylish solution and heated towel rails give a nice and warm finishing touch.

2. Make sure it’s waterproof!

Leaking showers are very common whist undertaking a bathroom renovation and can be a very expensive problem is not fixed correctly. Always due it right the first time as this will save you longterm. Decorative Multipanel Wet Wall Panels are an ideal solution as a luxury alternative to tiles.…now there’s a thought 😉

3. Keep it ventilated!

Black mould!!!!!!, FACT Poor ventilation is one of the main contributors in the reason why you have black mould. Always ensure you have the correct ventilation to avoid unwanted mould.

4. Don’t squeeze it all in!

Poor planning can be very costly and will not achieve the end result you had in mind. Planning is crucial to give make the most of your bathroom and utilse ever space. Research, research, research and remeber,  Its all about balance!Bathroom ideas

5. Overspending

Our dream bathroom, sounds good but STOP!!, take a minute and remember first things first. Set a budget and stick to it, dont allow yourself to get carried away with overspending. There are many stylish luxury products that dont cost the earth but will still give you the overall aesthetic you dream of just at a fraction of the cost.

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